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Two childhood friends Nirvane Jain & Parth Chaturvedi decided to put their hearts & minds together to join hands in a venture that would 

cover extensive areas in craft creation. Coming from backgrounds associated with silver jewellery and Khadi production, the two decided to 

bring together their products as well as crafts related to their main lines of business. 


The parent companies are 'Silverline Jewellery' and 'Ekmatra' of Delhi. This experiment resulted in the creation of Zaia Goa. The collections 

displayed at the store are exclusive in design and exceptional in quality. And are the result of a passion and energy that emerged from the 

desire to bring together different crafts, designers & artists. In doing so, the assembly and curation of a range of products that encapsulates 

the width and diversity of this country and serves up a variety of products and experiences, worthy of the community they serve.

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