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zaia cafe

Zaia Café is a place to relish the analog life. We enjoy our process far too much to rush into it, but

offer plenty of stationery to use while you wait.  The Café brings hand crafted coffee experiences and

some unique curated granola bowls. 


The cafe’s coffee menu is crafted by Varun Gupta using his specialty coffees,

Nangoo Coffee. The peculiar choice of brand name comes from the brand ethos of transparency. 

Despite a purist heart, the menu offers enough surprises in both cold and hot brews. Nangoo features

a variety of curated beans from carbon positive shade grown coffee estates from Meghalaya, 

Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. So come try some 


The cafe’s granolas recipes are put together using Gouri Gupta’s, Gouri’s Goodies which is a

labour of love outfit in Mumbai producing daily small batches of energy bars and cereal snacks. 

The menu features a few of many recipes Gouri’s ever growing recipe notebook. 


It’s always a slow day at Zaia Cafe, but never boring. 

Unusual food combination is a way for us to fun. We hope you do too!

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